What we do


We advocate the power and creativity of the arts and engage in business development and advocacy in order to grow the corporate marketplace for partnerships with the cultural sector. 

The tougher times get the more essential we become. When competition is fierce and every penny counts we offer fresh, efficient ways to help arts organisations prosper and businesses thrive.

We improve performance by unlocking new ways to think about familiar issues. We can help to differentiate your business in a crowded, competitive marketplace. We support arts organisations to become more robust and explore different funding sources.


We connect our member network in original and unexpected ways with amazing results


We unlock potential with fresh approaches to familiar issues


We advise arts Boards on governance and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit


We find new ways for businesses to grow and arts organisations to flourish

Sometimes it's easier just to show you what we do. Check out our video below.

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Statutory Information

Arts & Business Northern Ireland a company limited by guarantee (NI609126) registered in Northern Ireland and one wholly-owned subsidiary company, Arts & Business Northern Ireland Services Limited. Arts & Business Northern Ireland is a registered charity (XT31864). VAT number 123 344 840.

The registered office is Bridge House, 2 Paulett Avenue, Belfast BT5 4HD.

Our Principal Funder

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI) is the Principal Funder of Arts & Business Northern Ireland. ACNI is the lead development agency for the arts in Northern Ireland. It provides the main support for artists and arts organisations, offering a broad range of funding opportunities through our exchequer and National Lottery funds.


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Our Funders & Partners

Arts & Business is generously supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.