Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 in partnership with Forestside now OPEN FOR ENTRIES!

30 May 2022

Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 in partnership with Forestside now OPEN FOR ENTRIES!

Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 in partnership with Forestside will feature 11 categories, including Arts Organisation of the Year, Business of the Year and an Inspirational Trustee Award.

Applications for the Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 in partnership with Forestside must cover business and arts partnerships or projects which took place between 1 April 2021 - 31 May 2022.

Application forms are required for the following categories: Creative Community Engagement Award; Staff Engagement Award; Brand Storytelling Award; New Sponsor Award; Commitment to Diversity Award and the Inspirational Trustee Award. You can download the application forms below.

Completed entries should be submitted to before 5pm on Friday 29th July 2022

Awards will also be presented for the Forestside Award; Arts Innovator Award; Above and Beyond Award; Arts Organisation of the Year and Business of the Year. The Forestside Award is selected exclusively by the Forestside team.

The Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 in partnership with Forestside will be celebrated in September 2022.



Creative Community Engagement Award   


Awarded to a partnership where the business used the power of the arts to forge dynamic new connections with their community  


Staff Engagement Award  

Awarded to an organisation that prioritised connecting and uplifting its staff by harnessing the power of the arts  


Brand Storytelling Award  


Awarded to a partnership that engaged the arts to strategically and creatively communicate the organisations’ brand and story, thus enabling them to creatively connect with their target markets.  


New Sponsor Award   


Awarded to a business that has developed a new partnership with the arts to creatively meet its business objectives.  


Commitment to Diversity Award 

Awarded to an organisation that demonstrated their commitment to diversity across a range of business functions, by harnessing the power of the arts

Inspirational Trustee Award  


Awarded to an individual who, in a voluntary capacity, has added outstanding benefit to an arts organisation in a governance role, perhaps through a formal professional development placement such as Board Bank or Young Professionals on Arts Boards.  

Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 general application form

Arts & Business NI Awards 2022 Inspirational Trustee application form

Many thanks to Forestside for their continued and vital support. It is just wonderful to be able to bring our business and arts partners together again for an in-person Awards ceremony. The Arts & Business NI Awards in partnership with Forestside is a vital showcase for what is possible when the cultural and corporate sectors come together. The partnerships being celebrated also highlight the huge impact that the arts have across our society.

Forestside are delighted to once again sponsor the Arts & Business NI annual awards. Having been on the journey ourselves as an entrant with many of our Arts partners we know first-hand how important it is to help shine a light on the fabulous work that happens between businesses and arts organisations. It not only gives well-deserved acknowledgement for all involved but also helps keep key stakeholders onboard and brings to life how the Arts can enrich the working environment.

The Arts & Business NI Awards are a tremendous advert for what is currently being achieved locally by businesses and arts organisations as they pool their skills and talents. The participation of Forestside, as the headline sponsor, shows the great impression that their own engagement with the arts has made on them. Their embracing of the arts, alongside the inspiring new partnerships that will be profiled at this year’s awards, set the best possible example for others to follow.

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