Northern Ireland Philanthropy Fortnight Explores the Process of Giving

15 May 2018

Northern Ireland Philanthropy Fortnight Explores the Process of Giving

Northern Ireland Philanthropy Fortnight Explores the Process of Giving

Businesses and individuals should be more strategic when they give to charity in order to make their donations go further and help more people.

Philanthropy Fortnight, Northern Ireland’s sixth annual celebration of charitable giving, will be held from 14-25 May to explore the many ways to contribute to causes and make a difference to society.

“The people of Northern Ireland are well known for being among the most generous in Ireland and the United Kingdom yet we are spontaneous in our giving, often responding to an emotional response or a request from a friend. With Philanthropy Fortnight we want to encourage a strategic approach to charitable giving” explained Siofra Healy, Director of Philanthropy at the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.

“The programme of events celebrates our proud culture of philanthropy and how donors and charities can work together to make an impact within a particular cause and find, secure and sustain the long term resources needed. This is so at a time when Government funding, which we are very dependent on in Northern Ireland, is continuing to be reduced. We hope that this year’s programme will help stimulate debate and look at how charities and their supporters can meet the challenges together and attract the finances, skills and time they need.”

Philanthropy Fortnight involves close collaboration between a range of partner organisations including the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, Belfast Charitable Society, Arts & Business NI, Will to Give and the Fermanagh Trust.

Arts & Business NI will be hosting an event as part of the programme on fundraising from arts audiences. At this our event Fundraising From Your Audiences & Visitors - Why & How To Do It, Kath Russell, Director of Development at the Hallé Concerts Society will be sharing how the Manchester-based orchestra fundraises from its networks.

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