Socially Investing in the Arts

  • Socially Investing in the Arts

    Arts & Business NI (A&B NI) were delighted to partner with Building Change Trust to commission this research into the potential around social investment in the Arts. We appreciate the Trust’s generous support in funding this project as working with the sector on entrepreneurial approaches to income generation is an important aspect of our work. Social finance is never going to be the silver bullet for the Arts in regard to an income source but, in the context of a changing operating environment and a broad funding ecology, we wanted to test the opportunity and the potential it might present

Evaluating partnerships

You can use this tool to measure how well your cultural partnerships work and how to make future collaborations more effective

Together with community partnership experts, Corporate Citizenship, we have developed an easy-to-use tool that helps you quantify the results of your partnership. Whether you are an arts organisation or a business, the tool establishes return on investment enabling you to learn how to do things event more effectively in the future.

Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends and potential

A report assessing the potential of individual giving for the arts and where growth is likely to come from.

Individual giving - a study into donor motivation

How to increase revenue from low- and mid-level donors.

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