Creative Training & Development

Creative Training & Development

Looking for something different?

Teamwork. Trust. Imagination. A constant search for quality. Risk taking. Communication skills.
These attributes don't grow on trees. They have to be practised and refined. 

Artists have been discovering ways of fostering these attributes for centuries.

By adapting their professional skills and processes to a business context, artists introduce a creative approach to your corporate learning - unlocking the personal creativity and productivity of your employees.

No previous artistic experience required!

What Is Creative Training?

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Creative Training Demo

Signing up for a Creative Training Showcase event was a step into the unknown for many of our audience. It turned out to be both informative and fun which coincidentally is what Creative Training is all about!

Sandy from Maiden Voyage Dance warmed us up with a series of exercises designed to loosen the shoulders, neck and spine– invaluable to desk-bound workers when the pressure is on. This is the perfect way to relieve tension when you are in the middle of preparing those pesky annual reports or working in a call centre.

Valerie Madill from business member Moy Park talked us through the real benefits her company experienced through imbedding the use of Creative Training in their HR programme. They worked with Cahoots NI to conduct a bespoke team-building workshop with their HR teams who are located remotely throughout the UK.

Seapark Print Workshop inspired us with their presentation about the work they do with a wide range of participants, including staff groups and those with health issues, encouraging them to use the creative side of the brain and find a freedom of expression which is absent from their normal working life, leading to mental health wellbeing.

While printmaking is a contemplative and peaceful activity, drumming is certainly not. Matt from Beat Carnival split the group into 4 sections, each with a different carnival instrument and within minutes we were playing 4 different rhythms and the room was rocking. As separate sections were brought in and out of the performance for their share of the spotlight our confidence grew along with our delighted grins. What a fabulous way to let off steam and work as a team at the same time.

Time then to move around the stalls set up by 10 of our arts organisations to pick up contact details and chat about the huge variety of creative training options available to businesses to stretch, enthuse and expand the thinking of their staff.

Creative Training Opportunities

Lyric Theatre

Seacourt Print Workshop

Arts-based training available now:

Beat Carnival

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Bounce Culture

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Replay Theatre Company

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Seacourt Print Workshop

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