A&BNI Awards 2021 in partnership with Forestside: Award Piece Gallery



Arts & Business NI were delighted to commission four artists from Seacourt Print Workshop to create the Awards Pieces for the Arts & Business NI Award 2021, in partnership with Forestside. 

Discover more about the artists and their work below.


Merve Jones

Merve Jones

Merve Jones is a visual artist and printmaker based near Saintfield, County Down and he has been a member of Seacourt for 15 years. 

His favoured print processes are collagraph and lino-cut. His work is inspired by light and place, but almost always with the activities of people creating tension and narrative. He is often drawn to wry or humorous observations on what people get up to in the 'ordinary' course of life. He has exhibited in venues across N Ireland, Ireland and, the odd time, beyond.

His commission is entitled 'Costa del Backyard'.

Steph Harrison

Steph was born in Belfast, and now lives and works as an Artist in Bangor. Steph is a member and former board member of Seacourt Print Workshop and joined the collective in 2012. Steph facilitates classes in Cyanotype and Textile heat press techniques. Steph exhibits nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of Individual artist and disabled artist awards in 2016, 2018 and 2020. The Artist is involved in voluntary support for well being in the arts, she is a member of University of Atypical, and Visual Artists Ireland.


 Artist Statement

The Artist explores and returns to themes concerning “A sense of place”; The relationship to the land, identity, history and ancestry.

Through various printmaking techniques, mixed media and photographic references, she expresses these traces of memories through construction and deconstruction of colour, line and mark making in search for the essence of a place in time, the connection to the past and a sense of belonging. Steph's practice is rooted in landscape.

" I paint and print what I find as an artefact, documenting as a reimagined memory of a place in time: the emotion, the oneness. Remembering allows concentration, my physical limitations loose importance and I am free to "walk" for miles in my imagination”.

Speaking on her commission for the Arts & Business NI Awards

 The work for this proposal reflects my emotional response and memory of being amongst nature during lockdown. I became acutely aware of nature, life came to a standstill but nature took over. Daily  walks in green spaces were vital for my well-being, to feel a connection to beauty and life; while around us Covid threatened our way of life and existence.

My hope is that the viewer will respond to these images to find beauty and peace, but also remember that we must respect our natural world as our futures depend on it.


Lockdown Series 2021

“ Mutual Healing” (Blossom in Spring)

30x30 cm Acrylic and Screen print on canvas panel

“Seeking Solace” (Forest in Autumn)

30x30 cm Acrylic and Screen print on canvas panel

Nathalie Caleyron

Nathalie Caleyron

Nathalie Caleyron is originally from France but has lived in North Belfast for most of her life. She discovered printmaking through a workshop in Seacourt Print Workshop (Bangor) 6 years ago. 

It was a ‘love at first sight’ experience and she has been involved in printmaking and in Seacourt since. 

Her prints are mostly multiplate lino, often with an element of monoprinting, giving a uniqueness to each single hand pulled print within the same edition.

Her commission is entitled “ Backyard haven”

Jessica Hollywood

Jessica Hollywood is an artist based in Bangor, Co.Down. Her company Birds & Words was founded in 2011 and is the umbrella for all of Jessica’s creative endeavours, including her original prints. 

She studied Printmaking and was awarded a first class honours in Fine and Applied Art at the University of Ulster. Since graduating Jessica has continued to develop her practice and hone her skills at Seacourt Print Workshop, where she also teaches and is part time technician. She has been a member here since 2004, and values it as an integral cog in the wheels of her artistic production. 


Jessica’s stylish prints have a unique colour palette that combines pale neutrals with vibrant pops of neon. Favouring the technique of screen printing for it’s layering capabilities and clean flat expanses of colour. Often she will use some photographic element, paired with hand drawn marks, layered in multiples to create a rich depth of colour.  

Words and text are often used to enhance meaning and invite her viewer to see the image in a different context. 

These two pieces are inspired by walks with her daughter during lockdown, and nod to some favourite lyrics by Van Morrison. 

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